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Our team of dentists and hygienists are here to provide preventative dentistry care to ensure the long-term maintenance of your oral health.
At Dental Excellence, preventative dentistry is about providing patient-centred care that works at the individual level. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive general dental care. Including regular check-ups and hygiene treatments as part of your preventative care journey.

Such care and attention help maintain patients’ oral health, allowing any issues to be detected early on, treating them in a minimally-invasive manner. This should also help prevent further issues from arising, which could entail more invasive treatment. However, should this need arise, our comprehensive care and highly skilled dental team will ensure patients receive the care and treatment needed.

At Dental Excellence, our skillful, gentle dental team is highly experienced when it comes to placing tooth fillings.
Tooth Fillings are used to help return full function to a tooth that has become damaged in some way. This is often a result of decay, but can also come about due to injury, or simple wear and tear. When left without treatment, the disease develops and over time can lead to further dental health issues. This is why regular check-ups and preventative care at Dental Excellence are important.

Thanks to regular check-ups, there may not be any symptoms present before receiving a filling. Increased pain or sensitivity, or difficulty biting down can be an indication that a filling is needed. If this is the case, make an appointment with us at Dental Excellence as soon as possible.

At Dental Excellence, we use the latest materials and techniques to restore your teeth back into function and leave your oral health improved. Our highly experienced clinicians will discuss all the options available and will provide each patient with the treatment that is most suitable for their individual needs.

At Dental Excellence, our specialist team of dental professionals can provide patients with Endodontic care, including root canal treatments.
Dental Excellence’s Endodontic specialist can perform root canal treatments to treat and remove infections found at the root of a patient’s tooth.

Such infection can cause inflammation and irritation in the patient’s tooth, and can even cause an abscess. Other symptoms that might indicate the need for a root canal treatment include increased pain or sensitivity, especially when chewing or biting down, or a loose tooth.

During the treatment, any damage to the tooth will be removed before fully removing any infection present. The tooth will then be sealed back up, to protect it from further damage. At this point, it may also be advisable to apply a crown/onlay to the tooth. This is to ensure the tooth is returned to full function. However, this may not be necessary in every case, and is decided on a patient-by-patient basis. Working with a surgical microscope, our Specialist is able to provide the most effective and efficient root canal treatments available. Re-root canal treatments can also be provided in situations where a prior treatment has sadly failed.

Dental Excellence understands that root canal treatments have something of a misleading reputation for many patients. In some cases, they can be a serious cause of anxiety. The team will always ensure patients feel as confident and comfortable as possible when receiving treatment. Our highly trained and dexterous team has great experience when it comes to performing this treatment. Patients are placed under local anaesthetic so they are comfortable throughout the treatment and there are sedation services available for those who need it.

At Dental Excellence, mouth cancer screenings are provided to patients as part of the practice’s commitment to preventative care.
The team at Dental Excellence is committed to providing patient-centred preventative care. Mouth cancer screening is included during all dental examinations and check-ups. As with most cancers, it is imperative that mouth cancer is detected and diagnosed as early as possible. As dental health professionals, the team here are on the front lines of diagnosis.

During a mouth cancer screening – The mouth will simply be checked for red or white patches, sores, abnormalities, or swellings with gloved fingers. If there is anything that causes concern, the team will discuss this with the patient if necessary, making arrangements for a follow-up appointment or appropriate referral.

Prosthetic Dentistry

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Oral Surgery

Tooth Extraction

The team at Dental Excellence will always do everything they can to prevent the need for tooth extraction, but there are some cases where it is the most suitable option.

Tooth extraction can be a daunting prospect, but the kind, caring, and highly experienced team at Dental Excellence will ensure patients feel calm, comfortable, and confident throughout the treatment.

Tooth extraction is only ever considered when it’s necessary for the long-term health of the patient. Our team always does everything they can to restore a tooth. There are some instances when the decay or damage present is too advanced to repair. At this point, an extraction will probably be recommended, followed by replacement with a restoration option such as dentures, a bridge, or an implant.

Tooth extraction can also be necessary when a wisdom tooth becomes infected or impacted. This can lead to pain and discomfort for the patient, and often requires surgical – rather than simple – extraction.

All extractions can be performed under a form of sedation in combination with local anaesthetic. If you are anxious about the procedure, please discuss it with our caring team of clinicians who can provide tailored treatment.

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Nervous Patients

At Dental Excellence, our professional and caring team are dedicated to ensuring that all our patients feel comfortable and confident.

For some patients, visiting the dentist can be a nerve-wracking, and anxiety-inducing experience. If this is the case for you, then you should know that you’re not alone. Dental phobia affects a large number of people but Dental Excellence can assuage any fears you have, and calm any nerves.
We help nervous patients get treatment painlessly.

Our welcoming practice includes extra-comfortable patient chairs, so you can be sure you’ll feel at ease the whole time you’re here, and our welcoming and friendly team will talk you through every step. If you have any questions, then a member of our team – whether your dentist or our friendly, highly knowledgeable team – will be able to answer them.

Our consultations are designed to make you feel confident in your choices and your overall oral health. You can be sure you’re making the decisions that are most suited to you. If at any time, you’re not sure of anything, please ask – we’re very friendly! We’re also a judgement-free practice, which means even if you haven’t been to visit a dentist in a long time, we’ll make sure you feel comfortable and reassured when you visit us here.

For nervous patients who feel they need a little extra help when being treated, we also offer sedation services.

Our team here at Dental Excellence can provide sedation for patients who are nervous about receiving treatment as well as during longer or more complex treatments.

Dental Excellence is able to offer oral and intravenous (IV) sedation services to patients who feel they would be more comfortable receiving treatment this way. For some patients, nerves and phobias surrounding visiting the dentist, or receiving certain treatments can stop them from seeking it out, but with sedation, patients can be treated while feeling calm, relaxed and as though no time has passed.

This type of sedation is also often used on patients when completing longer or more complex treatments, such as root canal treatments, or placing implants as it makes for a more comfortable experience. Sedation is not a painkiller, therefore local anaesthetic will also be used to ensure patients are pain-free throughout.

Sedation allows the patient to remain awake but in a relaxed state – almost as if they have been put into a dreamlike state. Some patients report that they do not even remember the treatment taking place. A friend or family member will need to be present in order to accompany a patient home after receiving sedation.

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